Gurkli Salati

Oh la la. Here we go. Chicco man. Balla Balla.


gux gax


Happy scripting.


I cry myself to sleep now but maybe I will be here tomorrow. Onion Style. Herpes Happy.

Poster 6 & 6 One Night Show at The Option Gallery

Karin Müller exhibited her Poster 6 x 6 Project at The Option Gallery. We made a little noise. Asi Föcker and Nicola Romanò joined us in Persona while Dig Bick stayed in Vienna, but still was pretty present via a heavy advanced and top secret setup including Computer, Skype, Videoprojector, Discoball, etc.  

Live at Eric’s Garage

Offerta Especial


Nov 10, 2012
First gig as computer us in Zürich at legendary message salon, hand made poster on the corner door.